Harbor’s Hideaway


Harbor’s Hideaway is a cool and rustic-style hangout spot for the wedding party to bond and get ready for the big day. The wedding crew will love this private suite!

Events in Harbor’s

Harbor’s Hideaway is designed as the ultimate hideout for the wedding party to unwind as they prepare for the ceremony. Once you enter through the black and glass garage door, you’ll find a rustic industrial design and plenty of space for guests to lounge. Harbor’s Hideaway is also a great space for the wedding party to take photos before the main event! Once the wedding party is ready, the ceremony will be conveniently held just steps away.

Top Features

Harbor’s Hideaway features a rustic industrial feel, complete with exposed wood details, comfortable leather seating for lounging, and even a foosball table! The wedding party can bond as they enjoy a few beers or cigars while they prepare for the ceremony.

The Wedding Day

The morning of your wedding day is a special time for important conversations and special moments with your family and friends before one of the momentous occasions of your life. You’ll need plenty of space to take pictures, exchange gifts, and make sure everyone looks their best before they walk down the aisle. Harbor’s Hideaway provides just that. Relax in comfort as you catch one last breath before the ceremony.

Why Harbor’s Hideaway is a must have For your Wedding day ?

Harbor’s Hideaway is the ultimate hangout spot to get ready in style on your wedding day! You and your wedding crew will have no problem waiting for the other half of the wedding party as you listen to music, play foosball, or enjoy some drinks and snacks before you head down to the Ceremony Area.

If you forget any important items or need more space, the Main House is just next door. The other half of the wedding party will be in the Luna Lounge, ensuring the couple won’t see each other before the ceremony unless they plan to.

Your wedding day will be extremely busy, but it’s important to eat and stay hydrated to keep your energy levels up. Harbor’s Hideaway features plenty of space for food and drinks, and the full kitchen in the Main House is right next door if you need to access it.

Harbor’s Hideaway will provide a relaxed and fun space for you and your loved ones to bond on your wedding day.

Harbor’s Hideaway is named after our middle son, Harbor James.